Article Sucesso No Campo: Low-carbon agriculture: field technology provides sustainable solutions for agribusiness

Low carbon emissions are also a hot topic at COP 27 and will be discussed at Agrishow Conecta

Low-carbon agriculture is one of the most discussed topics in global agribusiness today, and it is the central theme of Agrishow Conecta with the representative of the French startup MyEasyFarm in Brazil, Martin Lucidarme.


The topic was also discussed in early November at the 27th United Nations Climate Conference, or also known as COP 27, where solutions combining sustainability and agribusiness were discussed.


With the effects of climate change on the daily life of cities and rural areas, thinking about strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere has become an essential step in managing agricultural activity.


In this context, technology can be an important ally in sustainable practices adopted in the field. Lucidarme highlights how technological solutions can help producers implement low-carbon agriculture, reducing the environmental impacts of the activity and contributing to a more sustainable and productive agriculture.


"The set of sustainable practices improves the carbon footprint of the farm. For example, to avoid soil erosion, a sustainable solution is to grow a cover crop so that the resulting biomass buildup can be incorporated into the soil and thus add organic matter that can solve erosion. In addition, using technology and data to better manage inputs, thus avoiding waste, is also a practice that reduces the carbon footprint," Martin explains.


"With drone monitoring and satellite imagery, for example, it is possible to have a vision of where to move the necessary inputs. Today, technology allows monitoring of soil, biomass, pests, which helps in decision-making and makes sustainable initiatives more assertive," adds the specialist.

Article by Daniela Blanco, December 6 , 2022

This document contains copyrighted material. Reproduced by MyEasyFarm with the permission of CFC Paris. Telephone: 01 44 07 47 70.December 6, 2022

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AgTech startup MyEasyFarm announces a first round of financing of €1 million to fund the commercial development of MyEasyCarbon, a digital platform that generates carbon credits on field crop farms. This fundraising aims to develop the first low-carbon projects in France and Western Europe. By 2025, MyEasyFarm hopes to avoid the emission of 1 million tons of CO2 while remunerating farmers for their changes in practices towards a more sustainable agriculture.

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