MyEasyFarm features

Precision farming made easy for farmers.

Creation, management of recommendation cards and transfer to the equipment consoles, retrieval of intra-plot application cards from the equipment, automation of documentation and graphic analysis of plot interventions, reports on production costs on a crop route, so many MyEasyFarm features to help farmers to better know their plots, optimize input quantities and improve yields.

Here are the main features of MyEasyFarm in 10 points :


Plot management

Easily create your plots from TELEPAC files, view planned interventions, recommended modulation of inputs, documentation of tasks and yields.

MyEasyFarm allows you to easily create and manage your parcels of land from your TELEPAC declaration or by drawing them precisely.


Materials management

Easily create and visualize your equipment and its characteristics, analyze workloads and plan maintenance.

MyEasyFarm provides you with a wide range of agricultural equipment, which you can enrich with your own equipment.

MyEasyFarm allows you to analyze the working time of each piece of equipment and to deduce the next maintenance operations.


All the information of a plot in one place

Easily save and retrieve all the data relating to a parcel, year after year.

MyEasyFarm allows you to import all information: soil analysis maps, input prescription maps, real application maps, yield maps, tasks to be performed, documentation of interventions, guide lines, .....

Don't lose any more data, they are automatically saved in the MyEasyFarm platform and accessible at any time!


Task Scheduling

Plan interventions for each plot, assign each task to people and materials, and disseminate information to them on a daily basis.

Task planning MyEasyFarm allows you to plan all operations related to a crop (soil preparation, seeding, protection, harvesting), then adjust the day of intervention according to plant growth, weather, agronomic recommendations.


Modulation of inputs

Manage the input modulation maps provided by your advisors and integrate them into your plot tasks. Modulate and limit the use of your inputs to optimize your yields.


Automated documentation

Automatically retrieve all the information recorded by your equipment and document each intervention.

MyEasyFarm imports all the data recorded by your equipment (ISOBUS TC-BAS and TC-GEO), the tracking boxes or the mobile application* and attaches this information to the plot and its technical itinerary.

Your documentation is up to date effortlessly and permanently with MyEasyFarm!

*available soon


Knowing your costs

Do you know your production costs on a plot, a crop or your farm?

MyEasyFarm automatically records the documentation of each intervention and allows you to know precisely for each plot of land the time spent by each worker and each equipment, the inputs used. MyEasyFarm calculates your production costs for you!


Analyze your data

Visually compare all available maps for a plot and improve your practices

With MyEasyFarm, you can display all available data in map form (soil analysis, seeding density maps, input prescription, yields), analyse the heterogeneity of your interventions and improve your practices for the next crops.



View the general and local weather conditions* on all your plots and adjust the interventions accordingly.

MyEasyFarm keeps you informed of the general weather past and expected on all your plots, but also of local conditions if you have nearby weather stations.

You can therefore decide on the best time for a crop protection treatment or plan an intervention on a remote plot.

*available soon


Real time monitoring

Follow the progress of tasks in real time thanks to the mobile application for drivers / farm workers.

Each participant is kept up to date with his or her daily tasks via the mobile application. They can view which plots they are working on, fill in the time spent and the quantities of inputs used, and exchange information in real time with the farm manager.

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