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MyEasyConnect: Task controller and ISOBUS data logger with telemetry


The MyEasyConnect box allows you to make your console connected


Box with adaptability on different subjects,

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  • Adaptable to all ISOBUS consoles
  • Agrirouter Ready
  • Bi-directional connected exchanges via 4G/LTE
  • Telemetry data exchange
  • Management of modulation and section controls, independent of the console
  • Completes the functionality of a console
  • Creation and management of isoxml data on consoles in proprietary format


  • Compact and portable case
  • Plug and play" connection to the InCAB socket of the ISOBUS network
  • Display of the interface on the Client UT
  • ISOBUS task controller and data logger (TC-GEO, TC-BAS, TC-SC, LOG)
  • Management of the EFDI format (telemetry)
  • Retrieving GPS information on the ISOBUS or CAN bus network (J1939)
  • RS232 socket for connecting a GPS antenna independently
  • Interoperability with consoles
  • USB-C port

MyEasyConnect: the ISOBUS telemetry box to connect your console

This ISOBUS box, with integrated Task Controller (TC) and Data Logger (LOG), makes your console connected. So, no more USB flash drives and tedious file formatting!

Thanks to its various functionalities, it convinces by its capacity of adaptation to different subjects: connection of the console, exchange of telemetry data, management of modulation and section cuts, creation and management of data in isoxml format on a console set up for proprietary format ...

The box developed by the companies OSB and BHTronik, allows a "retrofit" of the tractor consoles in order to make them connected. Indeed, MyEasyConnect allows the exchange of information up to the MyEasyFarm platform via the GSM network.

It fully supports the ISOBUS TC-GEO and TC-SC function. This is why it can be used to control the modulation of input quantities or to manage the opening of the sections of an ISOBUS implement attached to the tractor. Since the end of 2020, the box has been able to transmit telemetry information (in real time) such as the position every second, but also the name of the tractor/implement combination, temperatures, engine speed, speed or even the position of the 3-point linkage.

In short, MyEasyConnect is easy to install for the farmer, this compact and portable box is plugged "plug and play" into the tractor's In-cab socket (ISOBUS network). This is a real advantage for connecting different machines according to the working periods!

agrirouter: partner of MyEasyConnect
Orange: partner of MyEasyConnect

Moreover, this connection is possible thanks to our connection to agrirouter. This is a universal web-baseddata exchange platform. It connects agricultural machines and software for farmers and agribusinesses, regardless of the manufacturer of the machine that generates them. Thus it transports data, not stores it. As a result, agrirouter simplifies operating processes, reduces administrative tasks and improves profitability.

The data transfers of MyEasyConnect work with the network of our partner Orange.

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