MyEasyFarm Driver

The MyEasyFarm Driver mobile application

The MyEasyFarm mobile application is designed for agricultural machinery drivers and allows them to use the platform without necessarily having a console in the tractor.

MyEasyFarm Driver for farm machinery drivers

MyEasyFarm Driver


  • View the interventions to be carried out at any time
  • Displaying a map to do modulation without a console
  • Document interventions automatically
  • Have GPS tracking of equipment
Tasks - MyEasyFarm Driver

View the interventions to be carried out at any time

The application is directly linked to a MyEasyFarm account on a computer. Therefore, when a task is planned and assigned to an employee, this task automatically arrives on his phone. This allows the farm machinery operator to better organise his working day.

Display a map for consoleless modulation

Intra-plot modulation today relies on high-end equipment such as GPS systems, "smart" equipment or an on-board console. However, the MyEasyFarm mobile application makes it possible to carry out intra-cellular modulation without the need for such equipment. The GPS position of the phone and the display of the modulation map allows you to have an accuracy of 5 to 15 m on your operations.

modulation card - MyEasyFarm Driver
automatic task start - Driver

Document interventions automatically

The application first automatically detects, by geolocation, the entry and exit of plots. Depending on this, it starts or ends a task without having to intervene on the phone. In short, it avoids forgetting to record interventions. The tool registers the task with a time spent on the plot. It is then possible to enter more precise information about the interventions, such as the input and the quantities applied.

Have GPS tracking of equipment

By enabling geolocation on the phone, the position of each machine is sent to my on-board computer. This makes it possible to monitor a fleet of machines and the work in progress from the office, which is called telemetry. In addition, it also allows me to know the availability of the equipment.

MyEasyFarm Driver

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