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Compatible with agricultural and viticultural equipment

Whatever the make and model of your equipment, MyEasyFarm is the right software for the right format.


Compatible with plot management and OAD software

MyEasyFarm is compatible with the majority of plot management software and CAD systems on the market. 


How does it work?

Discover all the features offered by MyEasyFarm software for farmers and winegrowers.

All your data in one place

Easily save and retrieve all plot data, year after year.

MyEasyFarm allows you to import all types of information: soil maps, soil analysis, input prescription maps, actual application maps, yield maps, tasks to be carried out, intervention documentation, guide lines, ....

Don't lose any more data: it's automatically saved in the MyEasyFarm platform and can be accessed at any time!

Plot management

Easily create your plots from TELEPAC files, view planned interventions, recommended modulation of inputs, documentation of tasks and yields.

MyEasyFarm allows you to easily create and manage your parcels of land from your TELEPAC declaration, by importing them from your consoles or by drawing them precisely.

Equipment management

Easily create and visualize your equipment and its characteristics, analyze workloads and plan maintenance.

MyEasyFarm allows you to analyze the working time of each piece of equipment and to deduce the next maintenance operations.


View the general and local weather conditions* on all your plots and adjust the interventions accordingly.

MyEasyFarm keeps you informed of past and forecast weather conditions for all your plots, as well as local conditions if you have your own weather stations.

You can therefore decide on the best time for a crop protection treatment or plan an intervention on a remote plot.

*available soon

A bird's eye view of your fields

From satellite to tractor!

12 months of history on each field, map comparison... Take a tour of your farm with satellite views.

Follow the evolution of your crops and modulate your inputs for greater efficiency with MyEasyFarm.

Precision irrigation

Measure the water level in the soil and optimize your irrigation with WAGO's Precision Irrigation solution.
Get advice on when and how much water to use for irrigation.

Irrigation control allows you to plan irrigation campaigns and water turns, manage irrigation quotas andsave 1 to 2 water turns per campaign.

Modulation of inputs

Manage input modulation maps supplied by your advisors and integrate them into your plot tasks. Modulate your input doses to optimize your yields and reduce your costs. Modulation is possible for sowing and fertilizing.

Quickly and easily export your maps directly to compatible consoles, thanks to data exchange via ISOBUS certification, the mobile application or USB stick.

Nitrogen Modulation Consulting

With the PRECI'Fert Azote solution from PRECIFIELD, optimize your nitrogen inputs with on-demand advice, when you really need it: the right dose, at the right time, in the right place!

Optimize your yields and protein levels for all your wheat, barley and rapeseed plots with a Comifer-certified consulting solution.

What's more? You can generate a nitrogen recommendation whenever you want, and above all, when you need it, based on the intervention window.

Module only available in France.

Task Scheduling

Plan interventions for each plot, assign each task to people and equipment and distribute information to them every day.

Task planning MyEasyFarm lets you plan all crop-related operations (soil preparation, sowing, protection, harvesting), then adjust the day of operation according to plant growth, weather and agronomic recommendations.

Real time monitoring

Follow the progress of tasks in real time thanks to the mobile application for drivers / farm workers.

Each operator is kept up to date with his or her daily tasks via the mobile application. They can see which plots they are working on, enter the time spent and quantities of inputs used, and communicate in real time with the farm manager.

Telemetry: manage your tasks via the MyEasyFarm platform.

The MyEasyFarm mobile application is designed for agricultural machinery drivers and allows them to use the platform without necessarily having a console in the tractor.

Automated documentation

Automatically report all the information recorded by your equipment and document each intervention.

With MyEasyFarm, you benefit from both data downstream and data upstream via the mobile app, connected boxes or connected consoles.

With MyEasyFarm, your documentation is always up-to-date and effortless!

Analyze your maps

Visually compare all available maps (e.g. yield maps) for a plot and improve your practices.

With MyEasyFarm, you can display all available data in the form of maps (soil analysis, sowing density maps, input prescription maps, yield maps), analyze the heterogeneity of your interventions and improve your practices for future crops.

Knowing your costs

Do you know your production costs for a given plot, crop or farm?

MyEasyFarm automatically records the documentation for each operation, giving you precise information on the time spent by each worker and each piece of equipment, and on the inputs used for each plot. MyEasyFarm calculates your production costs!

Precision Viticulture

The Precision Viticulture solution developed by MyEasyFarm offers all the above functionalities, adapted to the vine, thanks to interoperable software.

MyEasyFarm is for you

if you are...

Arable and wine growers

Agricultural contractors

Cooperative / Trade

Farm equipment dealer


Confidentiality of your data - Label DATA AGRI

Through the DATA AGRI label, MyEasyFarm is committed to its users.

With MyEasyFarm, your data remains confidential and is not shared.

No data will be shared without your consent.

You can retrieve your data at any time (withdrawal and portability).

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