Software for Agricultural Contractors (ETA)

MyEasyFarm is a collaborative farming platform for agricultural contractors.
Instant exchanges with your customers, work planning, real-time monitoring of your fleet of farm vehicles, automatic creation and transmission of work orders, MyEasyFarm Precision Farming software is the essential digital solution for all ETAs.

An example of the added value of MyEasyFarm software for ETAs

In this video, we present a case study on Agrirouter connections to a manufacturer's agricultural equipment.

Topic: Corn sowing with application maps and follow-up documentation

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Compatible with agricultural equipment

Whatever the make and model of your equipment, MyEasyFarm is the right solution for you, in the right format.


Compatible with plot management and OAD software

MyEasyFarm is compatible with the majority of plot management software and CAD systems on the market. 


Here are the main features of MyEasyFarm, the software for agricultural contractors:

Manage your customers' plots

Sending and receiving plots. With MyEasyFarm, you can create your customers' plot outlines from telemetric data (tractor tracking). Save time, with all plot information in one place for optimized viewing.

Equipment and personnel management

With the MyEasyFarm application, you can analyze the working time of each worker and equipment quickly and easily. You can then deduce the next maintenance operations for your equipment, as well as the costs linked to your work sites.

Task planning and distribution

Sending and receiving tasks with your customers. With MyEasyFarm, you can plan and assign tasks, specifying the equipment and people required to carry them out.

Real time monitoring

The MyEasyFarm Driver mobile application is ideal for drivers (geolocation, automatic task recording, etc.). It also enables them touse the platform without necessarily having a console in the tractor.
The smartphone application tracks the daily tasks of each farm worker. They can enter the time spent and quantity of inputs used, view the plots they are working on, and have real-time conversations with the farm manager.
Thanks to the app, you can also track the progress of tasks in real time.

Automated documentation

With MyEasyFarm, you can automatically create work orders based on data from the farm equipment console. Retrieve your reports with PDF costs based on your customers, plots and types of work carried out.

Recovery of telemetric data (fuel consumption, harvest tonnage, time spent in the field....)

Thanks to Isobus and Agrirouter certification, communication between the application and farm equipment is simplified.
MyEasyFarm is interoperable with the vast majority of manufacturers.

Sharing information with farmers

Share intervention reports and other information with farmers. MyEasyFarm simplifies your exchanges.

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