Article Farm Connexion: MyEasyFarm involved in the Solnovo research program

MyEasyFarm, the leading AgTech startup in Precision Agriculture and Low Carbon Agriculture, announces a partnership with the La Tricherie and Mansle cooperatives on the Vivasol project, one of Solnovo's winning projects.

Solnovo is a multi-partner research-action program aimed at supporting transitions towards Soil Regenerating Agriculture and demonstrating their benefits at national and European level. It is initiated and managed by the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation competitiveness cluster.

MyEasyFarm is a member of the cluster, which brings together nearly 420 private and public organizations active in the agriculture, agrifood and agro-resources sectors.

Vivasol aims to structure collective approaches to Regenerative Agriculture and is in the financing phase on the Miimosa platform.

MyEasyFarm is supporting these two cooperatives through the MyEasyCarbon application, enabling farmers in the Vivasol project to benefit from financing via the Low Carbon Label.

MyEasyCarbon is an application dedicated to food industry players (farmers, cooperatives, agro-industries) to measure and reduce GHG emissions (CO2e) and improve soil carbon storage in agriculture in order to generate additional income in the form of reliable carbon credits.

MyEasyCarbon was the 1st solution to be certified by Bureau Veritas as compliant with the Label Bas Carbone in 2022, and is already being used by a growing number of low-carbon project developers in France.

Article by Farm ConnexionMay 10, 2023

This document contains elements protected by copyright. Reproduced by MyEasyFarm with the permission of CFC Paris. Telephone: 01 44 07 47 70.

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