Sensors and artificial intelligence are increasing the precision of agricultural practices. They also measure the invisible: environmental performance. The Sima Innovations Awards jury rewarded these functionalities by awarding gold to an intelligent sprayer and bronze to solutions for managing the decarbonization of agriculture.
The Sima Innovation Awards were held on November 6 in the presence of Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture. Created in 1931, these awards recognize the innovations that are shaping the underlying trends in agricultural transformation. Digital technology, now mature, plays a key role. There is even talk of " digital functionality "This is what Christian Huyghe, scientific director of INRAE and president of the Sima Innovation Awards, said in his introduction to the awards ceremony. With sensors and artificial intelligence, precision digital technology allows us to go further in agro-ecological performance. It responds to heterogeneities within plots to provide the right dose of inputs in the right place, particularly for the application of plant protection products. These digital solutions also help optimize the use of bioprotection products inspired by nature.

Digital technology to support the decarbonization of agriculture receives two awards

The agro-ecological transition requires measuring the performance of agricultural practices, particularly with the deployment of bioprotection solutions. " Sensors and analysis software make it possible to assess environmental performance," emphasized INRAE's scientific director, citing the example of calculating GHG emissions saved and carbon stored in agricultural soils. Two bronze trophies were awarded in the "services and software" category to two solutions that help farmers with low-carbon certification: MyEasyFarm with its MyEasyCarbon platform...

Article by Industry Watch, 08/11/2022

This document contains elements protected by copyright. Reproduced by MyEasyFarm with the permission of CFC Paris. Telephone: 01 44 07 47 70.

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