MyEasyFarm announces partnership agreement with SOBLOO

MyEasyFarm leverages data from Copernicus Sentinel satellites for precision agriculture via the sobloo platform. On the occasion of SIMA 2019, the startup MyEasyFarm, a cloud platform for aggregating and exchanging agricultural data, announces a partnership with sobloo, which will allow it to directly access satellite data and associated value-added services...

MyEasyFarm leverages data from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites for precision agriculture via the sobloo platform.

On the occasion of SIMA 2019, the startup MyEasyFarm, a cloud-based platform for the aggregation and exchange of agricultural data, announces a partnership with sobloo, which will give it direct access to satellite data and associated value-added services.

MyEasyFarm supports farmers in their daily decision-making, from defining plots, planning work per season, modulating inputs, distributing farming tasks, to monitoring costs and analyzing production yields.

MyEasyFarm is first and foremost a platform for aggregating and processing data from multiple sources (on-board connectors on agricultural equipment, equipment sensors, sensors in the field, observations via farmers' smartphones, drones, meteorological data, etc.). Beyond that, the raw data are then transformed into value-added data that can be used agronomically (recommendation cards, intra-plot modulation of inputs) and are transmitted to agricultural equipment to adapt their tasks accordingly.

Thanks to a partnership with sobloo, MyEasyFarm gives a new strategic dimension to its platform, integrating a satellite data source to continue its efforts to optimize recommendations to member farmers.



SOBLOO is a collaborative platform allowing direct access to all Copernicus Sentinel data.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission have decided to promote the use of data from the Copernicus Sentinel programme through DIAS (Data Information Access Service) platforms. sobloo is a DIAS born from the fusion of the respective know-how of three members of a European consortium - composed of Capgemini, Orange and Airbus - whose aim is to offer the greatest number of people simple, continuous and rapid access to Earth observation data and a whole range of associated services.

MyEasyFarm and its partners will now rely on sobloo to leverage this rich data, develop precision farming tools and make them accessible to farmers connected via the platform.

Through sobloo, MyEasyFarm now has direct access to all Copernicus Sentinel data (NDVI indices in particular). In the coming weeks, data from other satellites (LANDSAT, Pléiades, SPOT) will further improve the accuracy of the analyses and the freshness of the information: the access to highly revisited satellites will allow a daily monitoring of the observed sites. On sobloo, MyEasyFarm will also have access to algorithms for analysing images to extract biophysical parameters and thus better qualify crops and facilitate agricultural decision-making.

MyEasyFarm will launch several annual subscriptions at PACICC for access to its various service levels, for the current campaign or based on three historical years.



Concretely, a MyEasyFarm user will have direct access to all the Satellite images available for each of his plots and will be notified as soon as a new image is available. After consulting the images, he will be able to decide to transform them into input recommendation cards and transmit them to his tractor's console for intra-plot modulation (the right dose in the right place at the right time).

"We are particularly proud to be among the first AgTech Startups to collaborate with sobloo to provide our customers, farmers and agricultural organizations, with satellite data of the best possible quality," said François THIERART, co-founder of MyEasyFarm.

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